25 Ways to Reward Yourself That Don’t Cost Money

rewards that don't cost money

Completed a project on time? Stuck to your schedule? Dieted for an entire month?

It’s time to celebrate!

Rewards are a great way to stay motivated. It gives you something to look forward to. More importantly, it’s what pulls you through those days when you really don’t want to work.

Your reward could be going out for dinner or relaxing at a spa.

The problem with those rewards…

They cost money.

Is it really a reward if you have the break your piggy bank for it?

It’s not easy to come up with enticing rewards that don’t cost much.

To save you the trouble, I’ve gathered a list of 25 of rewards that will motivate you without draining your wallet.

Now, these are rewards if you refrain from doing them while working toward your milestone or goal.

Think, “I will only do ___ once I finish ____”

25 Free/Low-Cost Rewards for Yourself

1. Have a lazy day

Have a day without any obligations. Sleep in. Stay in your pajamas all day. Rid your mind of stress and just live life while it’s happening.

2. Practice your hobby

Most people have activities they like doing but are too busy to actually do them. Why not reward yourself for your hard work, but making the time for something you like?

(Don’t have a hobby? Read this.)

3. Do something you’ve been wanting to do, but always told yourself you don’t have the time

Been meaning to check out a new location? Want to upcycle your coffee table? Reach you milestone and do it!

4. Go out with friends

5. Bake yourself a cake or treat yourself to a milkshake or smoothie

6. Go swimming

7. Go to a gathering happening near you (art show, festival …etc.)

8. Go on a one-day road trip

9. Redecorate a room in your house

10. Learn a new skill on YouTube

Here’s an article from Mental Floss with 50 Amazing Skills You Can Learn On YouTube.

11. Invite some friends over and have a game night

Pull out your old board games or play party games on Air Console.

12. Make yourself a fancy dinner at home with candles a table cloth and all

13. Go hiking or backpacking

14. Have an at-home spa experience

Take a long bath and have a friend or spouse give you a massage.

15. Pay it forward and volunteer

16. Have a movie night with popcorn

17. Get a new book from your library

18. Go for a walk in nature

19. Go star-gazing

20. Go outside, pick flowers, and make your own bouquet.

If it’s summer, you can take a walk and pick pretty flowers on the way. Arrange them in a bouquet and put them in a vase.

21. Low-cost idea: Put aside money every time you hit a milestone and have a fun experience once you meet your goal

Use a jar or envelope to collect $5 or $10 every time you hit a milestone. Once you’ve reached your goal, spend that money on a treat for yourself.

22. Low-cost idea: Check Groupon for cheap outings

You could go horse-riding, yoga, or try out an activity you’ve never done before. You might even discover a new interest while you’re at it.

23. Refrain from doing things you like and use that as a reward.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Feel less guilty by using them as rewards for your achievements.

For example, I will only stop at Starbucks after I lose 5 lbs.

24. Get public recognition

Ever heard the quote, “Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.”?

Don’t tell anyone what you’re working on, then post your achievement on Facebook.

Apply it with this reward and get public recognition for your hard work.

25. Connect with an old friend

Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while. Give them a call and see if you can meet. A get-together with a close friend is always a fun experience.

Rewards are huge motivators for achieving your milestones and goals. Your reward doesn’t have to be exceptional. Something to look forward to is all you need to pull you through the hard days.

What rewards have you given yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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25 Ways to Reward Yourself That Don't Cost Money