About us

We spread the idea of Wholesome Productivity.

You’re human. Not a mindless work machine.

Yet, most productivity gurus don’t seem to get that. They tell you to:

  • stop going out with your friends
  • squeeze in a task or two on your commute to work
  • Make the most out of every day by working every second of it

In the end, you feel like you have even less time than you did before you followed their advice!

Wholesome productivity is about doing what you say you’ll do, achieving your goals, and still having time for what you enjoy in life. 

Sounds amazing, but also not possible, doesn’t it?

That’s because most of what you’ve heard about productivity is wrong.

You don’t have to cram tasks into your already packed schedule.

Shut Up & Achieve will teach you wholesome productivity—the productivity that empowers you to get things done while still having time and energy to relax and enjoy life.

My Story

When you study at two different colleges while growing two businesses, productivity is mandatory.

I’m Layla Ashraf.

I never wanted to go to medical school. Yet, that’s where I ended up.

I did not enjoy it

Since giving up on my dreams isn’t a habit I’d like to cultivate, I decided to build my own business and make a living my own way instead of sulking in bed (OK, I did do that for awhile)

A little after I had started my online business, I found out about University of the People. A way out of medical school, I thought, and signed up!

But, I didn’t drop out of medical school (sigh).

Now, I was studying two colleges full time and working on my own business. I was a bit tight on time, but nothing to complain about.

You’d think I’d had enough on my plate but nope. When the opportunity arised to take over another online business before the competition got the advantage, I jumped on it.

You see, I’ve been way over my head since I was 13 years old. I’m used to it by now.

I would wake up early to teach myself Japanese, so I could get the Monbusho scholarship (so much for that dream). Then, I’d go to school, come back, do my homework, and work on a pet care website that I eventually sold. After dinner, I would write my young adult fiction book until I had to go to sleep.

In a year, I was at an intermediate level of Japanese, was the top of my class, had 20,000 visitors to my website, and was done with my book. I worked hard and it paid off.

Shut Up & Achieve is my way of sharing what I know about productivity with the world. I see so many people struggling to juggle their responsibilities instead of reaping the fruit of their hard work.


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