The Best Way To Track Your Habits

Ready To Start Building Habits That Stick?

Has This Ever Happened To You...

You want to do something….

Maybe you want to lose those 15 pounds that have crept on over the last couple years.

Or maybe you want to join Planet Fitness and exercise at least 3 days a week.

So, you tell your friends, “I’m going to start exercising (or saving money or eating right – or whatever)”,
but after a week or two, what happens?

You start out all gung-ho and pumped up.

You read, you watch videos, you make detailed plans and fancy schedules.

You’re so excited about the new changes you’re going to make and the awesome new life you’re going
to have, you just can’t stop talking about it to anyone who’ll listen.

But then, it gets hard.

Your kid gets sick. Your boss gives you more work. Your car breaks down. And a few weeks later, you
aren’t even thinking about those goals anymore.

Am I right?

We all have things we’d like to do, don’t we? I mean, goals and aspirations are what makes life exciting
and keeps us moving forward.

You know what?

It’s time that you take the first steps towards being the person you want to be!

This Habit Tracker Template makes doing, tracking, and reviewing your goals and habits a breeze!!!

What Makes The Habit Tracker 2.0 Unique

It's Quick & Easy

The use of colors in this habit-tracking template makes it easy to instantly see how many days you’ve
successfully completed your habits and goals.

Gain Insights From Charts & Graphs

Wondering how many times you skipped that habit? The full-featured, colorful charts and graphs of
this habit tracker show you immediately!

Stay Motivated

Is staying consistent a problem? Stay pumped up and motivated to keep going with inspirational quotes
and eye-catching layouts.

Your Most Valuable Asset

If you want to succeed, this Habit Tracker is the most vital tool you can own. It’s affordable, portable,
and worth far more than any subscription-based app out there!

See Your Progress At A Glance With Charts

The Habit Tracker 2.0 has a variety of charts. You can easily see your progress and find ways to improve even more!

It has:
  • Weekly Habit Charts
  • Monthly Charts
  • Annual Charts
  • Individual Habit Charts

Weekly Habit Charts, Monthly Charts, Annual Charts, and Individual Habit Charts

Every time you open the Habit Tracker 2.0, you see -in an instant- what you’ve accomplished and how
consistent you’ve been illustrated for you in insightful charts. If you need to step up your game a bit,
you realize it immediately so you can take consistent action every day and reach your goals on time!

When you glance at the monthly charts and see how many days you did your habits, you can’t help but
burst into a smile as that warm, comforting feeling of pride and satisfaction forms deep in your gut and
bubbles up through your chest. You can’t help but beam with joy.

Let’s face it – sometimes you won’t quite make your goal’s daily quota. No one’s perfect, after all…

That’s where the Habit Score Sheet really shines. With a glance, you know exactly how well you’ve
done each week, month, and all year – for ALL your habits and for each one individually.

If you begin to feel down and hopeless because it seems like you’ll never reach your goal, one glance at
the Habit Score sheet shows you how far you’ve come and reminds you that success is right around the

And if you have been falling behind on your progress, you know immediately so that you can get back
on track – before the weeks, months, or even years pass by (yet again!) where you wallow in regret
every time that pesky “I should’ve ___” thought rears its ugly head.

Compare your habits

Listen To The Science

Writing your goals makes you more likely to achieve them

The Dominican University found that those who write down their goals achieve more than those who
don’t. In fact, goal writers are 42% more likely to achieve their goals! source

Tracking can help you lose twice as much weight (if that’s your goal)
One study found that ”those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept
no records. It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume
fewer calories”. source

Monitoring your progress increases your chances of success
Benjamin Harkin and colleagues did a study that found that progress monitoring had larger effects on
goal attainment when when the information was physically recorded. source

The visuals make you even more motivated

Amar Cheema and associates at the University of Virginia found that making goal attainment visual
provides motivation for reaching goals. source

What People Are Saying About The Habit Tracker 2.0

“To see my daily progress on this spreadsheet has become a motivation on its own!

"I’ve tried many habit trackers before: apps, free printables, and others. The apps usually lacked the aesthetics and the free printables did not offer the insights of charts.

Shut Up & Achieve combined these in a beautifully done spreadsheet. To see my daily progress on this spreadsheet has become a motivation on its own! The charts offer valuable insights into the habits that are harder to tackle. Great job! Highly recommend this!"


This tracker is really great !! I’m so happy I found it !

This tracker is really great !! I’m so happy I found it ! I love the yearly feature to help me see an overall progress or lack there of for each tracking item. Also, I can track a lot of habits 50+ (or: productivity, task completion, team collaboration, etc) – really, I think I’ll use it for everything now!..Customer Service is great, quick response and very professional. I look forward to other productivity and tracking booster products from you!


The Best Time to Start Building Better Habits is Now!

Stop saying you’ll do something but then never do it. The only way you can change your life for the
better is by TAKING ACTION NOW!
You got this!
Don’t waste even one more day…

Use this Habit Tracker Template To Reach Your Goals

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